Scholarship: National Gay Pilots Association

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The cost of flight training is one of the most challenging barriers to entry for pilots. From supporting private pilot training, to enhancing education with advanced certificates and ratings, to direct exposure to flight operations at major carriers, NGPA scholarships provide a stepping stone for aspiring aviators at a crucial point in their education. 

The NGPA is offering thirteen different scholarships. A complete list can be found here

Applications are now being accepted. Applications will be due August 31, 2018. 

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Scholarship: Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship

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Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship

University Aviation Association

Deadline: Friday, April 21, 2018 

Origin of Scholarship

The Frasca family established this scholarship through the University Aviation Association (UAA) in the name of their son, Joseph Frasca. Joseph excelled as an undergraduate aviation student earning a reputation as a dedicated and competent scholar. His tireless efforts to promote and support aviation resulted in significant worldwide contributions to the industry and his abilities as an aerobatic pilot and ambassador of aviation provided many hours of enjoyment to thousands of people. He was indefatigable in reaching the highest standards of performance and achievement in every challenge he faced.

Aim of Scholarship 

The Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship was established through the University Aviation Association to encourage others to reach the highest level of achievement in their aviation studies. It is bestowed upon those who demonstrate a commitment and devotion to aviation in the tradition of Joseph Frasca.

Eligibility Criteria


  1. Evidence of excellence in activities, studies, events, organizations, etc., related to aviation.
  2. Minimum of a 3.0 overall grade point average.
  3. Federal Aviation Administration certification/qualifications in either aviation maintenance or
  4. Membership in at least one Aviation organization such as Alpha Eta Rho, NIFA Flying Team, Experimental Aircraft Association, Warbirds of America, etc.
  5. Involvement in Aviation activities, projects, events, etc., which will demonstrate an interest and an enthusiasm for aviation.
  6. Must be a junior or senior currently enrolled in a University Aviation Association (UAA) member institution. If you cannot obtain your UAA member institution number locally, please call UAA at (901) 563-0505 or email them at .
  7. Completed application form, essay and letter of reference.


  1. Demonstrated interest or experience in aviation simulation.
  2. Demonstrated interest or experience in aircraft restoration.
  3. Demonstrated interest or experience in aerobatics.
  4. Work experience in aviation.
  5. Work experience while in school.
  6. Financial need.

Application Instructions

Submit an original plus five copies of the following items by Friday, APRIL 21, 2018:

  1. Joe Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarship Application.
  2. A BRIEF ESSAY. See enclosed form.
  3. Academic transcript from the UAA member institution you are now attending (either copies or originals are acceptable).
  4. FAA certificates (either A & P or Flight related)—copies only (originals are not required in this case).
  5. One letter of reference (use attached form or official letterhead).
  6. Additional documentation as required supporting financial need, and other items.

Send these items in one package – not separately. 

Apply To:

Dave NewMyer

SIU Transportation Education Center

545 N. Airport Rd.

Murphysboro, IL 62966

Award Details

Two $2,000 scholarships will be announced at the University Aviation Association banquet in FALL 2018.


FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2018

Awards will be made in FALL 2018!! (See above)

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Scholarship: ATCA

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ATCA Scholarship Fund

In 2017, The ATCA Scholarship Fund awarded 10 scholarships to an outstanding group of aviation students and children of air traffic controllers. The total amount awarded was $75,000. ATCA's wonderful candidates, exceptional winners, and generous donors are the ones who make it happen.

With the continued support of the aviation community for this industry-sustaining program, we hope to award at least as much in the future. But we need your support to do it. Interested in donating? Click here  


  • Category A - Gabriel A. Hartl Scholarship
    Students enrolled half- to full-time in a two- to four-year air traffic control program at an institution approved and/or licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration as directly supporting the FAA's college and training initiative.
  • Category B - Lawrence C. Fortier Memorial Scholarship
    Students enrolled half- to full-time in a program leading to a bachelor's degree or higher in an aviation-related course of study.
  • Category C - Full-Time Employee Student Scholarship
    Full-time employees enrolled in advanced study programs to improve their skills in air traffic control or an aviation discipline.
  • Category D - Buckingham Memorial Scholarship
    U.S. citizen, children of air traffic control specialists enrolled half- to full-time in a program leading to a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Category E - Raytheon Women in Aviation Scholarship 
    Female students enrolled half- to full-time in a program leading to a bachelor's degree or higher in an aviation-related course of study. Each scholarship will include a summer internship at Raytheon.

ATCA Scholarships are a great opportunity to get financial assistance for tuition, books or any school related expenses. Paying for college can be challenging so why not get rewarded for all your hard work in the classroom.

  • Choose the category of scholarship for which you wish to apply.
  • Complete the online application HERE.
  • Mail in your supporting documentation (transcripts, letters of recommendation) by May 1, 2018.

Applications are now being accepted. Apply HERE. Applications will be due May 1, 2018. Your application will be considered by the Scholarship Committee in mid/late August and you will be notified of their decision shortly thereafter.

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Scholarship: Wisconsin Airport Management Association

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Collegiate Scholarships

The Wisconsin Airport Management Association offers two scholarship opportunities to students currently enrolled in an aviation degree field who are attending a Wisconsin college or university, a resident of the State of Wisconsin attending a college or university outside the State, or an active duty service member with an entrance point in Wisconsin at the time the award is made.

Scholarship applications can be completed online at

Applications including all required materials must be submitted online by March 16, 2018 at 5 pm.

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Scholarship: Chicago Area Business Aviation Association

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On behalf of the scholarship and mentoring committee, thank you for taking the time to consider a CABAA Scholarship. Each year CABAA distributes over $90,000 of scholarship funds in support of students achieving their academic and career goals. We offer financial scholarships for graduating high school students attending an aviation college and undergraduate college students. For graduating college seniors we offer various professional training awards to help the applicant get their “foot in the door”.

CABAA offers scholarships to promote professional development and business aviation careers. The CABAA Scholarship was established to encourage others to reach the highest level of achievement in their aviation studies. It is bestowed upon those who demonstrate a commitment and devotion to aviation, especially business aviation, in the tradition of the CABAA Scholarship.

The scholarship committee is actively promoting Business Aviation as a viable, interesting, and rewarding career on the campuses where our future job candidates are being trained. They facilitate a meaningful connection and an on-going relationship between willing and interested students and individual members of CABAA that are able to mentor the student candidate within their discipline or job function on varying levels of commitment.

Complete information and application can be found here.

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Scholarship: AOPA

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AOPA has flight training scholarships available.

All applications are due by May 2, 2018 and can be found at the links above.

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Scholarship: Michigan Aviation Scholarships

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2018 Scholarship Applicant Requirements

1. Applicant must complete and submit via email the Michigan Aviation Scholarship Application, including supporting documentation, to by April 8, 2018.

2. Applicants pursuing a degree in flight science or aviation management must have college sophomore, junior or senior status by the Fall, 2018 Semester and be enrolled in an accredited aviation program (or graduated after 2015). Applicants pursuing maintenance certifications must be enrolled in an accredited aviation maintenance school of technology, with plans to complete a curriculum leading to a degree and a career in aviation.

3. Applicant must have maintained a 3.0 minimum GPA (on a 4.0 system) at the time of application.

4. Supporting documentation must be included with the application, including:
a. A current resume.
b. Proof of U.S. Citizenship to include; a Passport or Birth Certificant and Government issued photo ID.
c. School un official transcripts including GPA; official transcripts may be requested at a later date.
d. A one page essay describing the applicant’s aviation background, current status, and future aviation goals.
e. Photocopies of all FAA rating/certificates held.

5. Final applicants enrolled in a flight science or aviation management curriculum must be available to attend a formal interview at the Amway Hangar in Grand Rapids on April 20, 2018. Final applicants enrolled in a maintenance curriculum may or may not be interviewed on April 20th, but will be informed in advance of a scheduled interview location and time.

6. Recipients must be available to accept their award in person at one of the awards ceremonies scheduled for either June 1 st or July 17 th 2018.

7. Training scholarship recipients should aim to complete their awarded training within 12 months of receiving the scholarship.

For more information regarding business aviation in Michigan and our State’s business aviation advocacy efforts please visit:
Michigan Business Aviation Association -
West Michigan Business Aviation Association -
Frank P. Macartney Foundation -

The application may be found online here.

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Scholarship: Capt. Jason Dahl Fund

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Application submittal is now open. Deadline for submittal is April 1, 2018!

Qualifications for the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship:

  1. Must be a Full Time Student having completed at least one semester at an accredited 4 year University.
  2. Must be Majoring in Aviation, with an emphasis in Pilot Related Studies.

If interested in applying for the Scholarship, please submit a 1000+/- word essay describing your desire to pursue a career as a Professional Pilot or in Aviation. Please include your goals and plans for continuing education and copies of all transcripts.

Since 2002, 107 scholarships have been awarded.

You can apply online by clicking here.

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Scholarship: FL-ACME

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2017 FL-ACME Membership
2018 Scholarship applications are now open with the Florida Advisory Council on Military Education (FL ACME).
$1,000 scholarships are available in the following four categories:
  • Active duty, guard, or reserve service member of the U. S. Armed Forces
  • Spouse of any active duty, guard, or reserve service member of the U. S. Armed Forces
  • Veteran with an honorable discharge (must provide documentation)
  • Wounded veteran who is enrolled in the Wounded Warrior Program (WWP), or registered as WWP alumni (proof of enrollment or alumni status for verification); reside in the state of Florida and be currently degree-seeking and actively enrolled with an institution of higher learning (i.e., community college, college or university)
Applicants must meet one of the three criteria: reside in Florida; be permanently stationed in Florida as part of either the active duty, guard and reserve component; or enrolled at a Florida institution of higher learning during the application period of the award year (December 1 through March 31).  
More information and the application are available at:

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Scholarship: Northwest Data Solutions

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Aviation Safety Management Scholarship

Northwest Data Solutions is pleased to announce the Aviation Safety Management Scholarship from SMS-Pro. In 2006 the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) mandated that each country require their aviation service providers to adopt a formal safety management system. Since that time, we at NWDS have made it our mission to be at the forefront of aviation safety software, philosophy, and success.

We believe in driving safety by providing superior, easily accessible safety tools and knowledge to all areas of the aviation industry. Modern aviation SMS programs have dramatically increased industry safety at every level: in airports, with maintenance, on the runway, during flights, and in managerial oversight. Aviation safety is not created by one, or even a handful of people, but by every member of an aviation organization.

Chris Howell, CEO, and the rest of his team are proud to provide this scholarship opportunity in order to help young leaders drive the aviation safety future.



While not mandatory, applicants are encouraged to be currently enrolled in an aviation program at a

  • university,
  • college, or
  • training program.

While the scholarship writing topics focus on aviation safety, applicants can be enrolled in any branch of an aviation denomination, such as

  • pilot,
  • aviation maintenance,
  • air traffic control,
  • safety manager, etc.

Applicants who have won the Scholarship ARE still eligible in future scholarship periods.

How to Apply

  1. Applicants must fill out the application form.
  2. Applicants must choose 3 of the 8 topics from below, write a 500 word (or more) essay for each of their chosen topics, and attach their essays to the scholarship form in one Microsoft Word document. Each essay you write should choose a subject that incorporates the topic, and NOT directly “answer” the topic as a subject.

These essays are Personal Essays, meaning that the content of your essays should incorporate your personal experience, education, and research about aviation safety and/or SMS.

For example, if you are writing an essay in response to the question, “What are reactive and proactive safety cultures?” A good essay topic would be something like the following:

  • “How to go from a reactive to proactive safety culture”
  • “Ways to tell if your safety culture is reactive or proactive”

Both examples would incorporate the question naturally into the essay.


Choose 3 of the 8 following topics:

  1. Discuss ways to help encourage participation in aviation safety programs
  2. In your opinion, what are good aviation safety management practices for your particular area of aviation study?
  3. Discuss the mindset it takes to be successful in aviation risk management
  4. In what areas do you think aviation safety management systems can drive future improvements in the aviation industry?
  5. How and why is aviation SMS important for your particular discipline of aviation study?
  6. In your opinion, what is safety culture in the aviation industry? What does it look like?
  7. What do you consider the primary motivation of safety management systems in aviation – i.e. what specifically (more than just safety) does SMS address?
  8. Which aviation SMS training values are most important to your area of aviation study

Once again, remember that you are writing short, fun essays, so let your personality and some of your personal experiences shine through. Most importantly, keep in mind that there are no “right answers” and that scholarships are being awarded for depth and thoughtfulness – try to do more than give the “obvious response.”

Please feel free to browse through our SMS-Pro blog for inspiration and/or clarification.

Deadline and Awards

This is a semi-annual scholarship, with one summer and one winter deadline. One scholarship winner will be chosen per each deadline period. Late applications will not be considered.

  • Summer Deadline: July 1st, 2017
  • Winter Deadline: December 31st, 2017.

Winners will be announced within three weeks of each deadline period, and will be chosen based on the quality, depth, and thoughtfulness of their essays.

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you read and understand and accept the terms and conditions of this scholarship.

  • Applying Applicants may submit only one application per period, for a maximum of 2 submissions per year. Scholarship winners ARE eligible to reapply in following periods.
  • Rights NWDS retains the rights to modify and feature applicants’ submitted writing on the SMS-Pro blog. Should an applicant’s writing be featured on the ASMS-Pro blog, he/she will receive due credit as a guest writer, as well as notification of his/her featured post.
  • Funds Scholarship winners will receive a scholarship in the amount of $1,000, made payable to the winner’s university, college, or training program.
  • Failure to Comply NWDS will not consider applicants who do not check the “I have read and understand the terms and conditions box,” on their scholarship application.

Contact Information

Regarding questions about anything that is expected of you, please feel free to contact our scholarship representative who will be happy to assist you. 

Contact name: Tyler Britton 
Contact email:



  • Student enrolled in aviation program


  • July 1st 2017
  • December 31st 2017

Award Amount

  • $1,000 twice per year


Visit for more information and to apply!

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