Scholarship: Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance

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AWAM’s Scholarship Program supports the diverse skills required in the field of Aviation Maintenance & Technology.  AWAM is offering seventeen different scholarships for the 2019 year. Applicants may apply for up to two Category I scholarships and up to three Category II scholarships. 

A complete list of the scholarships can be found here.

Applications are now being accepted. Applications will be due November 1, 2018. 

If you have questions on completing your scholarship application packet,  please contact AWAM's Scholarship Chair, Stephanie Morris by email at:

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Scholarships: AWAM

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AWAM’s Scholarship Program supports the diverse skills required in the field of Aviation Maintenance & Technology. AWAM began its scholarship program in 2002 with four scholarships awarded to eight recipients.

For 2016, AWAM is pleased to announce we will be awarding over $165,000.00 in scholarships.

In 2015, AWAM awarded over $130,000 in scholarships to 24 females and 12 males. With the assistance of our incredible sponsors, this program continues to grow to support our industry and the needs of the future. Unique scholarship opportunities are not just for initial students or just for females. Many are for those already working in the field, transitioning from the military, and for guys as well.

Review the information to find the scholarships that match your goals or to see how you can become an AWAM Scholarship Sponsor. AWAM is continually working hard to offer more scholarship opportunities for next year! Thank you to all of our corporate and individual sponsors for another successful milestone breaking year filled with wonderful opportunities for our future aviation work force!

If you have any suggestions for new scholarships, or would like to inquire about donating a scholarship please contact one of our AWAM Scholarship Co-Chairs by emailing or by phone, Anna Romer at 952-687-1252, Drew Csondor 517-712-9818. A list of the 2016 recipients can be found here. Or, if you would like to download a copy please click here.  Please visit for a complete listing and to download an application.  All scholarship packets must be postmarked by December 1, 2016.

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Scholarship: Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM)

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2016 Scholarships

Announcing AWAM's Scholarships & Awards for 2016!!!
Made possible by our many generous sponsors!!!

There are no gender restrictions unless otherwise stated in the requirements. Applicants affiliated with scholarship and award sponsor organizations are NOT restricted from participation. Note: there are no limits on the number of scholarships you can apply for; however you may only be awarded a maximum of two.
Application packets must be POSTMARKED by December 1st, 2015.
**NEW**   Turbomeca Engine Training Scholarship

Turbomeca is a world leader in the market of civil and parapublic helicopters (EMS, police, etc.), and holds a predominant position in the market of military helicopters. Turbomeca offers the largest engine power range, from 450 to 3000 shaft horse power, and powers the most famous names in the helicopter manufacturing industry, including: Agusta, Boeing, Denel, Airbus, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, and Sikorsky. Turbomeca S.A. also has 2,000 operators. Turbomeca designs, develops and produces the Arrius, Arriel, TM 333, Ardiden, Makila engine families, plus the MTR390 and RTM 322 engines in cooperation with partner manufacturers. Turbomeca is proud to give for the first time, a seat in one of their Level One Courses. The recipient can choose from any of their level one courses and must contact Training to enroll. Recipient will have one year from award date to enroll. Travel and lodging are the responsibility of the recipient. (One scholarship will be awarded.)
Requirements: AWAM Scholarship Checklist items, plus:
  • Applicant must have a FAA Powerplant Certificate.
  • Applicant must include a short essay (200 words or less) on their   interest in aviation.
  • A copy of applicants Powerplant Certificate must be included with the application packet.
**NEW**   Teamsters Local 2727 Career Enhancement Scholarships 

Teamsters Local 2727 is proud to honor two females who are currently or have served in the U.S. Military who are qualified to test for their A&P Certificate. Scholarships will be paid directly to the testing center of recipients' choice in the amount of $500 each. Scholarships must be redeemed within one year from date awarded.
(Two scholarships will be awarded.)
Requirements: AWAM Scholarship Checklist Items, plus:
  • A copy of applicants' military ID is required. (Or copy of DD214 if discharged)
  • Applicant must include a short essay (250 words or less) describing how she plans to use her A&P Certificate in the civilian aviation industry.
  • Scholarship is open to all Active Duty, Guard, and Reservists, as well as personnel who have been discharged as of March 2015.
  • A copy of applicants signed FAA Form 8610-2 is required.
**NEW**   Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics Tuition Scholarship

Since 1929, PIA graduates have been extremely sought after as mechanics and technicians in aviation maintenance, electronics, and other related fields. PIA offers placement assistance to help both students and alumni in their pursuit of employment in the field of aviation. PIA is proud to announce their donation of four scholarships, each worth 25% of the quarterly tuition rate. Awards will be given to individuals who are interesting in pursuing a degree in aviation maintenance or electronics at PIA's campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Current PIA students are NOT Eligible. Recipients may enroll in the Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Program or the Aviation Electronics Technology (AET) Program. (Four scholarships will be awarded.)
Requirements: AWAM Scholarship Checklist items, plus:
  • Applicants must apply for the scholarship prior to enrolling in the Associate in Specialized Technology Degree programs at the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics on main campus.
  • Applicants must include a 200+ word essay answering, "Why did you choose a career in Aviation?"
  • Applicants must meet minimum enrollment requirements for PIA (
**NEW** Sporty's Tool Scholarship

The Sporty's Foundation is proud to provide $1,000 toward the purchase of tools listed in the minimum required tool list for an Aviation Maintenance Technician. This scholarship is designed to assist a student enrolled in an accredited A&P program to acquire the tools needed to pursue aviation maintenance as a career. Upon selection of the tools by the scholarship recipient, the funds will be paid directly to the retailer/seller of the tools. Tools will be shipped directly to the scholarship recipient. (One scholarship will be awarded.)
Requirements: AWAM Scholarship Checklist items, plus:
  • Applicant must be a female student currently enrolled in an A&P program.
  • A unofficial transcript must be included with the application packet.
  • Applicant must include a short essay (200 words or less) on their interest in Aviation Maintenance.
Additional Scholarships

Remember the following scholarship opportunities are also available:
  • Abaris Training Scholarships
  • Airbus Helicopter Maintenance Scholarship
  • Aircraft Electronics Association Avionics Technician Scholarship
  • Aviation Student Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • Baker's 4 Day IA Training Course & FAA Testing Scholarship
  • Bombardier Aerospace Maintenance Training Course Scholarships
  • Delta Air Lines, Inc. Initial Maintenance Training and POT Scholarships
  • DME Services Oral and Practical Testing Scholarship
  • FedEx Express Run-Taxi Training Scholarships
  • FlightSafety International's "Principles of Troubleshooting"
  • "Helping Hand" from Rice Family Scholarships
  • jetBlue Airways Maintenance Scholarships
  • Pratt & Whitney Training Scholarships
  • Louisville AWAM Chapter & Dean Baldwin Painting "Searching for Success" Scholarship
  • Southwest Airlines Maintenance Scholarships
  • "Taking it to the Sky at WAI" Scholarship
  • "Tools Beneath Your Wings" Scholarship
  • UPS Maintenance/Avionics Training Scholarships
  • UPS Pink Wrench Scholarships
AWAM Scholarship Checklist

Only COMPLETE application packets will be accepted for review and consideration.
AWAM Scholarship Requirements:
Before you seal the envelope make sure to include the following:
Scholarship Application Page: completely and accurately filled out, specifying which scholarship(s) and course(s) (where applicable) you are applying for.
Resume including:
  • Education (schools w/locations and dates, expected graduation date, GPA)
  • Work Experience (Employers, job description and dates of employment)
  • Qualifications (list all qualifications applicable to the scholarship applying for)
  • Honors
  • Scholastic Achievements
  • Community Service/Volunteer work
  • Leadership & Extracurricular Activities
  • Licenses / certificates
Letters of Recommendation: Two letters of recommendation to support each scholarship you apply for. These should be from two different people (1 supervisor and 1 personal reference, 1teacher and 1 supervisor, etc.)
Each letter should address the scholarship for which you are applying for and make sure the correct organization is listed.
Additional Requirements:
Note:  Individual scholarship requirements for each scholarship description are in ADDITION to the above general AWAM requirements.
Essay(s): See scholarship description for topic and word requirement.
Be sure to include an unofficial transcript and/or a copy of your A&P Certificate should the scholarship require it.
Mail one original and one copy of all contents of each application packet to:
AWAM Scholarships
2330 Kenlee Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45230

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